The Future of Honda: Hybrid or Electric Cars?

July 24th, 2022 by

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At Honda Cars of Bellevue, we’re proud to offer a full inventory of new and pre-owned Honda vehicles at affordable prices! These include the current Honda lineup of hybrid vehicles, which take advantage of fuel-efficient electric power while still retaining an internal combustion engine. But Honda is taking advantage of the future of electric vehicles as well, with an upcoming lineup and a partnership with the EV team at General Motors (GM). Honda Cars of Bellevue has everything you need to know about Honda electric vehicles and hybrids in the guide below– check it out now!



Honda Electric Vehicles

Honda may be focused on their hybrid lineup for the time being, but that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten fully-electric vehicles! The future of electric vehicles is bright in Omaha and beyond, and Honda plans to take advantage of that with a new range of EVs in every size and shape. The first of these models, the Honda Prologue SUV, will arrive in 2024. Honda has pledged an ambitious goal with their electric lineup: to reach a zero-emission lineup of vehicles in North America by 2040! The cornerstone of this goal is a new partnership with General Motors, which has built and designed the electric platform that the Honda Prologue and future EVs will run on. Honda and GM will work together to jointly develop new electric vehicles using all-new battery technology made from silicon and lithium, expanding both companies’ lineup of EVs by 2027.

Honda Hybrid Vehicles

While the Honda electric vehicles are still a ways off, you can find a Honda hybrid vehicle in Bellevue right now! Honda currently offers one exclusively hybrid model–the Honda Insight–and two hybrid variants of crowd-favorites vehicles–the Honda Accord Hybrid and Honda CR-V Hybrid. Of these, the Honda Insight and Honda Accord Hybrid are sedans, while the Honda CR-V Hybrid is a mid-size SUV, so you’re covered no matter what kind of car you’re looking for! Honda hybrid vehicles have received rave reviews from critics and drivers alike, earning awards like the IIHS Top Safety Pick+, NHTSA 5-Star Safety Rating, and Car and Driver’s 10 Best Cars. If you’re looking to maximize your fuel efficiency and performance on the road without leaving the gasoline engine behind completely, a Honda hybrid may be perfect for you!

Hybrid or Electric Cars: Which Works For You?

If you’re stuck deciding whether a hybrid or electric car will suit your unique driving needs better, here are some benefits of each vehicle to consider:

Benefits of Hybrid Cars 

  • The battery is self-charging, so you never have to plug it in (unless you have a plug-in hybrid)
  • You can still take advantage of gas stations without having to run out of power on the road
  • Hybrids are generally more affordable than EVs
  • EV charging stations, while becoming more and more common, are still harder to find than gas stations
  • Excellent fuel efficiency

Benefits of Electric Cars

  • Zero tailpipe emissions
  • Near-silent ride due to the lack of engine
  • No money spent on gas–just plug your vehicle in at home to recharge it
  • You can take advantage of state and federal tax incentives depending on your make and model

Find Your Next Honda at Honda Cars of Bellevue!

Now that we’ve discussed the future of electric vehicles and hybrids at Honda, you might be interested in getting behind the wheel of an available model! While the Honda Prologue hasn’t arrived in Council Bluffs, IA yet, you can take one of our hybrids out for a test drive to see how they handle on the road – just contact our office and we’ll take it from there! You can also check out our model research for more information on our lineup of new and pre-owned Honda vehicles.


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