When do I need new tires on my Honda?

When it comes to hitting the road, your tires take the brunt of the wear and tear. At Honda Cars of Bellevue, our Honda-certified technicians are ready to help care for your vehicle and keep it in shape for the long haul. We’re happy to address all of your tire needs. So how do you know when you need new ones? Read on.

Bulges or Cracks in the Sidewall

When a tire starts to deflate, it bulges on the sides. This can be a sign of low tire pressure or a slow air leak. If this happens, come to the service department at Honda Cars of Bellevue to get it inspected immediately to avoid being stranded or the victim of a dangerous blowout.

Wear on the Tread

Most modern tires have wear bars that let you know when the tread has gotten too low. When your tread is worn down, and the wear bar is visible, you need to replace your tires. We can show you the warning signs so you can tell when your tires need to be replaced. Driving on bald tires is not good for you or your vehicle.

Rough Temperatures

If you’ve been through a couple of very cold winters or extremely hot summers with your tires, chances are high you need a replacement. Severe weather conditions can cause inconsistent tire pressure, which results in your tires wearing down faster. Honda Cars of Bellevue will do an inspection and advise you about a potential service need.

Pulling on the Road

If your car pulls to one side or the other on the road, it could mean your tires are worn down. Bring them in for an inspection at Honda Cars of Bellevue’s service department to determine if you need a rotation, or new tires. Keeping your car running efficiently is our top priority.

Tires affect both your fuel efficiency and safety on the road. For your convenience, Honda Cars of Bellevue offers flexible service hours to fit your busy schedule along with a newly remodeled customer lounge. Take advantage of our express service where there is no appointment necessary. You can also schedule a service appointment online today, or call 402-734-3330 for more information. 

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