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Honda Cars of Bellevue Customer Testimonials

Certified: Honda Cars of Bellevue

Honda Cars of Bellevue, the Honda Giant, is a family owned and operated dealership that has been dedicated to serving its family of loyal customers for more than 30 years. At Honda Cars of Bellevue, we believe in treating our customers like family by giving them the highest level of service possible from choosing their next new or used car to auto service for many years to come. 

We work hard to earn and keep our customers' business, and there is nothing more important to us than the respect of our customers. Come in now and let us make you the next loyal member of the Honda Cars of Bellevue family! We love to hear from our customers. See below for a small selection of our customers' feedback.

Matthew Schworer

General Manager
  • "I couldn't have asked for a better experience using Honda Cars of Bellevue. The service was above and beyond expected. Our sales rep was patient and listened to my car needs and gave me enough info on both used and new cars to make a decision to purchase a 2010 Honda Fit Sport. He was not only dealing with me, but my parents and my 10 year old! Very hospitable. He even went out of his way when he heard we were going to have to stop and buy balloons as part of b-day present and offered to give us colorful helium filled balloons! Honda Cars of Bellevue puts every effort in their hospitality and service to their customers. They even made my 10 year old feel like she was part of the business transaction! (Although she chose a different Honda car!) Thanks Honda Cars of Bellevue." Cheryl S. 02/28/11 DealerRater.com
  • "We have been satisfied Honda Cars of Bellevue customers since we purchased our first honda accord in 1990. The service department has been extremely helpful and continues to keep this honda in excellent condition. We also have a 2009 honda accord which we purchased from Honda Cars of Bellevue. We always do business with Honda Cars of Bellevue because of the excellent sales and service departments. We would highly recommend Honda Cars of Bellevue to anyone! Thanks for your good service!" Stan & Pat K. 01/09/11 insiderpages.com
  • "I recently purchased my 4th car from Honda Cars of Bellevue. We only purchase Hondas because of their quality and we only go to Honda Cars of Bellevue for the service we receive during and after the sale. Both the sales & service departments are great!"  Heather J. 11/08/10 insiderpages.com
  • I leased a CR-V in April of 2007 and it proved to be a very reliable vehicle. I had already made the decision to get another Honda when the lease was completed. In the intervening years the service department handled all of my maintenance and each time I was treated with coutesy and respect. Since May of this year I had received a number of emails from Honda Cars of Bellevue offering to buy out my lease but I was n ot in a position to take advantage of it. Recently Rob, the Sales Manager, called me and concerning this same offer. Although I was not really thinking of replacing the CR-V just yet I decided I would take him up on the offer to test drive some of new 2011 products.

    From the moment I entered the dealership the friendly and experienced staff made sure that my needs were being met. I met with Rob and talked about the types of vehicles I wanted to test drive. At this point I was thinking of moving up to the Pilot but when Rob saw that I had some medical problems, I walk with a cane, he suggested I first try the new Odyssey. I accepted the offer and that was when Kevin Maun entered the picture. After driving the van I knew that was the vehicle thatg was best for me b ut I still uncertain about actually replacing the CR-V at this time. Rob, Kevin and the finance people really went to work and my wife and I left that evening without making the switch. That was when the staff at Honda Cars of Bellevue really went to work.

    Kevin called twice the next day. I did not take his first call because I did not think they would meet my particular circumstances and allow me to get the van I needed. His second call was one of excitement on his part (you could tell by the sound of his voice)as he said that they were able to meet my requirements in total. Without a few short hours (I had to wait for my wife to finish working)the deal was completed ad we drove home in the new Odyssey. Rob, being the jokester he could be at times, called again the next day and asked if I was intgerested in having the lease bought out. My response was I doubted if even he could come up with a better deal." eaglemaker 11/21/10 Dealerrater.com

  • "Bought my Honda from Honda Cars of Bellevue and have taken it back there for service ever since. The service waiting area is second to none. How about a free breakfast (coffee, doughnuts or fruit) and several computers with internet access while you wait for your car to be serviced. If that doesn't suit you, you can catch up on the news on TV or read the paper. The service has always included a free car wash, and has been done at a competetive price. what's not to like. No problems, no complaints, just good honest service like in the days when they used to wash your windows and check the air in your tires when you got gas." craig48 grad 08-24-2010 dealerrater.com

  • I want to point out that I had the most wonderful experience with your salesman, Gary Palen. With me being a woman, I was real skeptical about getting ripped off like some cut throat salesman try to do to woman. Gary from the very beginning was very respectful, open and honest with me. Those type of people are few and far between. I would also like to comment on his manager, Brian Kelly who treated me just as good. This kind of treatment is what will bring your cutomers back. I continue to give you my business as long as your staff continue to be outstanding, good Honda Citizens. Thank you and have a great day. Kristi B. 04/26/10 Dealerrater.com

  • "I have purchased new cars from Ford, Chevy, Plymouth, Datsun (showing my age), and Hyundai dealers and I must say that this was the best new car experience I have ever had. The ENTIRE staff...sales, finance, mechanics...were friendly, candid, knowledgeable and completely focused on helping me select and purchase a new car. NO pressure...just down home folks doing a great job of customer service. You owe it to yourself to visit Honda Cars of Bellevue if you are looking for a Honda. Great product, great showroom and facalities, fantastic people!"  Marvin L. 02/16/2010 Insiderpages.com
  • "Fog, especially the white on white on white in the early morning driving to my job as a K-12 school counselor, makes for difficult driving and when that fog becomes so dense one loses her landmarks, isn't where she thought she was, and doesn't see it is the highway and not a gravel road and becomes very dangerous; and, BAM, spin and there you are in a snow covered field looking at another wrecked vehicle wondering what happened.  On the morning of January 22, 2010, this happened to me as I drove our 2009 Honda CRV to school, 35 miles from Bloomfield.  Every day I take the 12 mile road, 543 Ave., north to Highway 12 and then west to the Santee Spur.
  • This morning was typical except for the fog that would go from light to very dense.  I definitely wasn't where I thought I was when I saw a vehicle coming from the west towards me on what I thought was a gravel road just south of the Kammer farm.  It wasn't until after the accident when I asked where I was and was told I was on the northeast corner of the intersection of Highway 12 and 543 Avenue.  The car I hoped would be able to slow down and stop was not on a gravel road, but coming rather fast on the highway.  My thought process was, "why is that car going so fast on that gravel road, will it stop" and BAM I was spinning and then came to a stop.  His front passenger side hit my front driver side causing both  vehicles to slide off the road on the northeast corner of the intersection into a snow covered field.  My Honda rolled for approximately 101 feet before coming to a stop.  The other vehicle slid sideways for about 80 feet and then rolled at least once and traveled for approx 44 feet before stopping upright.
  • My door and front air bags deployed and I was using my seat belt.  If the air bags and seat belt had not been used I most certainly would be dead or very seriously hurt.  Both front doors were jammed and I could not get out of the Honda.  The Bloomfield Fire Department had to use the jaws of life to get me out.  They also used the jaws of life to get the other driver out of his vehicle.  My injuries consisted of lots of bruising, mainly on my left side where it was hit by the air bag and on my chest where it was hit by the air bag and the seat belt restrained me.  Many multi-colored bruises have adorned my body.  Soreness and tenderness are still issues.  I was taken via ambulance to the Yankton Hospital.  The radiologist detected a hairline fracture of the C5 vertebra on the  CT Scan; therefore I was sent to a neurologist in Sioux City via ambulance.  The MRI did not show a fracture, but trauma to the cervical vertebrae.  As for the other driver, a stint was put in his skull to relieve the pressure on his brain and a four inch cut was stitched up.  He was in an induced coma from that Friday until the first part of this week when they started to wean him off the sedation.  He has been in the ICU with a ventilator; but the ventilator was replaced by a trach at the beginning of last week.  On the last report we received, the trach had been removed and he was being moved to a regular hospital room.
  • The purpose in writing this letter to you and the Honda company is that as my friends and family have seen my Honda they can not believe that I "walked" away from this accident.  A few have told me, "If you can walk away from that wreck, I want a Honda for my next car."  That's exactly what we did, we have replaced our 2009 Honda with a 2010 Honda.  Our new Honda does not have the navigation system nor the back up camera I really liked and depended on.  So far I am not driving until the neurologist releases me from wearing the neck brace.  I'm not sure I want to drive just yet anyway.
  • I want to thank Honda for producing a great vehicle that protected me with God's and my Guardian Angel's help.  Attached are pictures of both vehicles."  Dawn S. 02/08/2010
  • "We go to Honda Cars of Bellevue for all of our routine maintenance, and have had some body work done here as well.  I was really impressed with Mike in the body shop--he painted some damage that had been done to our Honda at no cost while working on another spot and was really friendly and helpful.
    They've got a well equipped waiting area (computers, free fruit and coffee), a kid's play area, and tv's, and a courtesy van if your car is going to be in for a while.
    They have pretty typical dealership prices, but will send you discount coupons if you're a regular customer."  Kirsten J. 02/06/2010 yelp.com  
  • "I drove 900 miles around trip to this dealership and would do it again. I bought the car on line and the personal were friendly,on the ball,and did exactly as they promised by our e-mails. We drove to the dealership and were greeted at the door by Tony who already had guest our name."  Mark A. 12/17/2009 Dealerrater.com

  • "My daughter & I had a blow out on the interstate. We called Bellevue Honda because she had purchased her car there, we had no idea what to do! They helped us with everything - suggested a towing company (they were excellent), were calm and patient with our numerous calls to them, explained what was happening and stayed open after close to get the car repaired so we could leave with it that day. Just couldn't have been better!" L Christensen 12/15/09 Yahoo! Local  
  • "Quoted me UNDER invoice price over the internet before we even began negotiating; gave me FULL BLACK BOOK VALUE for my Jeep Wrangler which was more than what I still owed on the Jeep; Finance and aftermarket portion of the sale was NOT pushy; beat our pre-approved loan APR.
    It was quick and easy, I got EXACTLY what I was looking for (2009 Honda Element EX 4WD in Citrus Fire) and I did NOT feel pressured at all during the process." erikamdey 08/09/09 Dealerrater.com
  • "We had never bought a car from a car lot in 31 years let alone a new one! Rob, Ricky and Terry were so helpful and worked with us to get us in and out since we had drove 3 hours one way! We had talked with dealers from Western NE to Eastern. They made the sale so easy and comfortable. And even contacted us after the sale to make sure we were happy with our new CRV. Thank you all!"  Sue H. 08/05/09 Insiderpages.com  
  • "This dealership always does a great job giving me the best deals possible and the sales staff is very friendly no pressure selling. The service department also does an outstanding job weather you are having problems or just routine maintenance. I have leased 7 vehicles from them and will be a life long customer." papiomike 07/28/09 Dealerrater.com
  • "I took my Pilot in for standard maintenance and oil change without an appointment. I had received coupons in my email, which came in handy, and was greatly appreciated. The service technician completed the maintenance in less time than originally stated, which was great since I waited in the lounge. The service area and lounge was clean, the personnel professional, and the vehicle was vacuumed/washed when I picked it up. This dealership is truly a world class operation."  Steven M. 06/09/09 Isiderpages.com  
  • "I have had my Honda cars serviced by Honda Cars of Bellevue for years and years. In 2006 we purchased a Civic Hybrid. During the winter, to avoid a collision, I steered the car (on ice - no less) into a bank of ice and snow. I had to be pulled off because the car was high centered on ice. The car seemed fine so I didn't worry. Due to vigilance a Honda Cars of Bellevue mechanic spotted a broken bracket in the suspension on the rear of the car. This is typical of their outstanding service on my vehicles. We purchased our 2006 Hybrid, not because of the best price, but because the service department is so outstanding."  Stephen W. 04/01/09 Insiderpages.com  
  • "My family recently bought a new CRV.  The sales team at Honda Cars of Bellevue worked together to ensure that we, the customers, were completely satisfied with our purchase.  Others doubted whether or not any dealer could completely satisfy us with our purchase, and they were proven wrong.  Thanks for the great customer service you provided to us! We will now be lifelong customers of Honda Cars of Bellevue!" Tom 03/22/09 Edmunds.com 
  • "I still can't believe what a positive experience it was. Jeff Reeks took care of us and I will look for him again....when we go back AGAIN. He's honest, friendly, professional, passionate about Honda. He's not into stupid sales tactics and games that I'm sure we've all experienced before. Everything was well explained and there are no surprises EXCEPT you will actually have a positive car buying experience. I tell everyone I know to go there....and when the time comes, I won't go anywhere else."  Cindy D. 02/17/09 Insiderpages.com
  • "I recently purchased a Honda Civic from Honday Cars of Bellevue, and it was the most pleasant car-buying experience I've ever had. My salesman, Tony Sorenson, was the best...I couldnt have asked for a better, nor more enjoyable, person. His knowledge of cars and everything about the Civic, was a remarkable change of pace. I would highly recommend Honda Cars of Bellevue to anyone looking for a Honda and also recommend you ask for Tony."  Urwinca 02/13/09 Yahoo! Local  
  • "Do you hate buying a new/used car at a dealership??? So did we until we went to Honda Cars of Bellevue. This is truly the place to go for no pressure, straight talk, efficient car buying. Our salesperson, Chris, was the best. He answered all of our questions, and when he didn't know the answer, he found someone that did. This is the place to buy your next car if you are looking exceptional customer service!!!"  Kathy B. 11/13/08 Insiderpages.com 
  • "I recently bought a Certfied Used Honda CR-V and my husband and I looked on the Internet for many months before finding the one we got. We got a fabulous deal, our salesperson was fantastic with us, and we love the Honda. We recently took it on a long trip, and were pleasantly surprised to get even better gas mileage than we were told it would get! We are very pleased with Honda Cars of Bellevue, and would shout it from the rooftops!
  • When I took the Honda into my mechanic after we had just purchased it, he said, "Wow! Sweet Ride!": He said he was sooo impressed that he may have to go get one like it! He said that even though it has been in a front-end collision, that we knew about when we got it, that the auto body specialists at Honda Cars of Bellevue did such a fantastic job, that it would take a microscope to even see any damage done to the vehicle. I knew this about HCB Auto Body Specialists, because I had them fix some damage on a previous vehicle and they did a wonderful job then as well.

    I recently took it in for it's first oil change, and the service was professional, and quicker than they even told me it would be. Plus, the wheel cover that is a shiny chrome, unlike many others, was loose and needed to be pounded back in with a rubber mallet, and I forgot to tell them at the service counter when I got the oil changed, but they caught it and fixed that without me even mentioning it to them. Most time when you take a car into a service center, they fix only what you tell them, and no more, and then the car breaks down again sometime soon, because there was something else they didn't catch, and you have to spend the time taking it or hauling it in all over again. Not so with Honda Cars of Bellevue Service Center. They catch it or they at least let you know. Plus the car wash and vacuum every time is soooo nice.

    I think my mechanic is right when he told me, "You better keep taking it to Honda Cars of Bellevue, they do a great job, and I can't compete with them!" I told him, "You better go get a Honda, they are great!" So I hooked him up with their phone number.

    It's no wonder they keep winning the President's award year after year. When you got it, YOU GOT IT!"  Meri M 10/30/08 Dealerrater.com

  • "I bought my second Honda from this dealership recently.  I wouldn't buy from any other dealership in the area as I've always received a fair price and good service after the purchase from Honda Cars of Bellevue.  My parents also just bought their second Honda from them, too."  Paul C 10/28/08 Edmunds.com  
  • "I have purchased twice from Honda cars of Bellevue and my experience has been more than wonderful both times! They more than met my expectations and I knew when I left I had received the best deal I could get. I would highly recommend them."  Mary P. 10/27/08 Insiderpages.com  
  • "I have bought 2 cars through Honda Cars of Bellevue and have been 100% satisfied with my results. I also service my car there and never have any problems getting in and I always have great service. I would recommend buying a car through Honda Cars of Bellevue to all of my friends and family."  Emmalee S. 10/22/08 Insiderpages.com
  • "I was realy impressed with this dealership. I've purcahsed several cars from Honda Cars of Bellevue. I also refer my family and friends to them as well. The sales team does a very good job at allowing you to look at the cars and ask questions but they don't force anything on you. I was also impressed with the level of service after i purchased my cars. The sales guy first went over all of the options for my new Accord. He also called me several days later to make sure that i was happy with my purchase. I know it sounds corny but it really impressed me that I wasn't forgotten the minute I made a purchase.The service department is great too. The people in the service department have always been very honest with me. They, too, are very good with customer service.I'd suggest Honda Cars of Bellevue to anyone that is looking at buying a new or used Honda. I'm a huge advocate of theirs."  Mike S. 10/22/08 Insiderpages.com
  • "Honda cars of Bellevue is always the first dealership I think of when me or someone else i know needs a car. They always exceed my expectations. I recommend them to everyone i know."  Gina W. 10/22/08 Insiderpages.com  
  • "Recently I purchased a Honda Civic Si at Honda Cars of Bellevue. My experience with this dealer was outstanding in every way. They followed through on all their promises and gave me many great tips on taking care of my car as a plus."  RD 07/01/2008 Yahoo! Local  
  • "honda cars of bellevue: top dealer in area by far"  Debbie 01/20/2007 Yahoo! Local