Signs You Might Need Brake Service

Your brakes are essential to your vehicle’s performance and your safety on the road. Brakes are not designed to last forever, so it’s important that you know what signs to look for that indicate that you might need to have your brakes serviced at our service center in Bellevue.

Here are some signs that you might need brake maintenance or repair:


One of the very first signs that many drivers notice that indicates that brake service is needed is a squeal when they hit the brakes. This is the earliest warning sign that your brakes are in need of inspection and repair. Don’t ignore this sound. Even the quietest squeal when you press down on the brake pedal can be an indication that service is desperately needed. While brake squeaking can be caused by less severe issues, you’ll need to have your brakes inspected to know for sure. Schedule service with Honda Cars of Bellevue for that.


If you feel your car pulling to the left or right when you apply the brakes, you’re probably noticing the result of uneven brake wear or even a collapsed brake hose. You might even have a stuck caliper. While pulling isn’t always a sign of brake problem, it can indicate issues with other parts of your vehicle like the tires, alignment, or suspension, so we recommend a visit to our service department whenever you experience pulling to either side.


If you notice quick grabs that cause your brake pedal to pulsate when you make routine stops, you probably have a brake issue. This is usually a sign that your rotors are warped and the pads are pushing against an uneven surface. Oftentimes, your rotors need replacing to correct the problem and keep you safe. Call 402-734-3330 to schedule your service appointment.

Don’t let brake maintenance fall by the wayside. Keep your family and other drivers safe and your car running efficiently by getting your brakes inspected before problems arrive. At Honda Cars of Bellevue, we are committed to keeping you safe on the road. Stop by during our business hours and our helpful technicians and mechanics will take a look at your Honda car, SUV, truck or van today!

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Signs You Might Need Brake Service