Why should you choose a Honda certified pre-owned vehicle?

Honda produces each of its vehicles with pristine quality, incorporating advanced technologies and engineering. This allows for no Honda driver to be left unsatisfied. Choosing to buy second-hand from Honda is no exception. Only well-maintained, late-model Hondas are eligible for certification.

The certification process includes an exhaustive 182-point mechanical and appearance inspection to ensure that each vehicle meets Honda certified pre-owned standards. Our Honda-certified technicians scrutinize all major vehicle systems, including brakes, engine, drivetrain, steering, suspension, tires, wheels, exhaust system, and vehicle interior and exterior. The reconditioning process includes up-to-date scheduled maintenance services.

In addition, if our technicians find that any component does not meet our standards, it will be replaced with Honda parts.

When looking at a certified pre-owned vehicle make sure that it has already had the 182-point certified mechanical inspection. Avoid dealers that offer to "certify" the vehicle you are looking at for an additional fee. If it isn't already certified on the lot, it has not gone through the full Honda certification process.

Honda offers excellent warranty protection for their certified pre-owned vehicles: HondaTrue and HondaTrue+. Both HondaTrue+ and HondaTrue include a powertrain warranty of 7 years/100,000 miles. Any non-powertrain vehicle that is purchased within the New Vehicle Limited Warranty period will receive an extended warranty of 4 year/48,000 miles for HondaTrue and 5 years/86,000 for HondaTrue+. If purchased after the New Vehicle Warranty period has expired, HondaTrue offers an additional 1 year/12,000 miles from delivery date. To add to this, by choosing to use either warranty, you will receive Roadside Assistance, 2 complimentary oil changes for the year or 12,000 miles of ownership, and a 90 day free trial for the XM Sirius radio (if your car has a satellite radio).

Honda Cars of Bellevue understands that most people are on a budget when purchasing a vehicle. If you are in that majority, look to purchase one of Honda’s certified pre-owned vehicles. We want you to get the best buy for your money. If you buy a certified second-hand Honda, that will definitely be the case. View the wide variety of certified options the Honda Cars of Bellevue offer on our website. Once you find a vehicle that has caught your eye, visit our dealership in Bellevue, NE for a test drive! You won’t be disappointed! For more information, contact one of our friendly staff members at 402-695-6500.

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Honda Certified 182-Point Inspection Process

Honda Cars of Bellevue takes pride in making 100% certain that all Honda certified vehicles on our lot meet or surpass all of the inspection standards.

Required Manuals & Documentation (In glove box or provided upon delivery)

  • Owner's Manual
  • New Car Warranty Manual
  • Certified Warranty Booklet
  • Vehicle History Report copy (Title History Check)
  • Copy of 180-pt. Inspection Checklist in Glove Box (Once completed)
  • Radio Security Code
  • Navigation Code (if applicable)
  • Navigation Manual (CD for 2015 and newer)
  • Keys (Two OEM key remotes)
  • Valet Key (One key if applicable)

VIN Verification

1. Vehicle History Report the does not contain Odometer Rollback, Not Actual Miles, Exceeds Mechanical Limits, Manufacturer Buyback, Hail/Fire/Flood Damage, Dismantled/Reconstructed, Branded/Junked/Salvaged Title, Airbag Deployment/Gray Market

2. VIN Status Inquiry (All open campaigns/recalls must be completed)

3. VIN Plates (All VIN plates must match engine compartment, doorjamb, and dash)

4. FMVSS and Tire Label (Both labels must be on the driver side B pillar)


5. Frame (Carefully inspect the vehicle for any prior structural damage)

After-market Accessories/Modifications

6. After-market accessories (Inspect vehicle for any after-market components)

Front Interior

7. Key Remotes (Unlock, lock and panic buttons)

8. Keyless Entry (Driver door button - unlock/lock)

9. Ignition Switch/ Engine Start Button (Engine starts)

10. ECON Button (Operation- Displays on dash)

11. Door Chime (Operation)

12. Instrumentation (All indicators illuminate "ON" position)

13. Dash (Condition, instrument panel, light and brightness)

14. Temperature/Fuel Gauge (Operation and needles)

15. Speedometer/ Tachometer (Operation, needles and RPMs)

16. Clock (Operation and display)

17. Compass (Operation and display)

18. Horn (Operation)

19. Steering Wheel (Tilt, telescopic and lock mode)

20. Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls (Operation)

21. Windshield Wiper/Washers (Aim, pressure - front/rear)

22. Shifter (Check all shifting points- MT or AT)

23. Back-Up/Parking Sensors (Operation only - front/rear)

24. Parking Brake (Engages and displays on dash)

25. Hood Release (Operation)

26. Trunk/Tail Gate/Hatch Release (Operation)

27. Fuel Door Release (Operation)

28. Carpet (Condition- must be clean and free of damage)

29. Floor Mat Retention Hooks (Secure floor mats properly)

30. Center Console (Condition- opens, closes and locks)

31. Glove Box (Condition- opens, closes and locks)

32. Beverage Holders (Condition- must be clean)

33. Coin Holder (Condition- must be clean)

34. Armrest/Side Pockets (Condition- must be clean)

35. Seats (Upholstery condition, operation and tracks)

36. Seat Heaters (Operation and heating performance)

37. Seat Belts (Belts, buckles, latches and retraction)

38. Headrests (Adjustment- up/down)

39. Windows (Operation, noise, speed, full travel and glass)

40. Front Doors (Operation, trim, panels, handles, latches, locks)

41. Side Mirrors (Condition, operation, side-view-camera- if applicable)

42. Side Mirror Blinkers (Condition and operation)

43. Rear View Mirror (Operation, auto dimming- if equipped)

44. Headliner (Condition- must be clean and free of damage)

45. Sunglasses Holder (Condition and operation)

46. Sunroof/Shade/Glass (Condition and operation)

47. Sun Visors/Mirrors (Condition- flip up, down/sideways)

48. Courtesy/Map Lights (Condition and operation)

49. AC/ Heater/ Defroster (Operation and vent outlets)

50. Radio AM/FM/XM (Operation, display, control panel, speakers)

51. Multimedia (CD Player, USB port and MP3 auxiliary jack)

52. Hard Disk Drive (Clear all previously stored data)

53. Intelligent Multi-Information (Operation and display)

54. Hondalink (Operation- Aha and Pandora- must pair phone)

55. Bluetooth Streaming Audio (Operation-must pair phone)

56. Bluetooth HFL (Perform voice commands- must pair phone)

57. Navigation System (Operation, display, clear all stored data)

58. Rear-View Camera (Operation, display/rear-view mirror)

59. DVD Player (Operation and control panel)

Rear Interior

60. RES (Operation, screen display and audio)

61. Carpet (Condition- must be clean and free of damage)

62. Floor Mat Retention Hooks (Secure floor mats properly)

63. Beverage Holders (Condition- must be clean)

64. Armrest/Side Pockets (Condition- must be clean)

65. Seats (Upholstery condition, operation and tracks)

66. Seat Belts (Belts, buckles, latches and retraction)

67. Headrests (Adjustment- up/down)

68. Windows (Operation, noise, speed, full travel and glass)

69. Integrated Sunshades (Operation- up/down/hook properly)

70. Rear/Sliding Doors (Operation, trim, panels, handles, latches, locks)

71. Dome/Map Lights (Condition and operation)

72. Cargo Light (Condition and operation)

73. Cargo Privacy Cover (Retracts and hooks properly)

74. Cargo/Luggage Compartment (Condition- must be clean)

75. In-Bed Trunk (Condition and operation - Ridgeline)

76. Dual-Action Tail Gate (Condition and operation - Ridgeline)

77. HondaVAC (2014 and newer- Touring Elite Odyssey)

Front Exterior

78. Windshield Glass (Cracks, chips, pits, scratches, antenna)

79. Windshield Wiper Blades/Arms (Condition and operation)

80. Hood (Paint finish and quality)

81. Honda Emblem (Condition - missing or damaged)

82. Grille (Condition)

83. Front Bumper (Paint finish and quality)

84. Front Fenders (Paint finish and quality)

85. Headlights/Lenses (Condition and operation- moisture)

86. Fog Lights/Lenses (Condition and operation)

87. Daytime Running Lights

88. Turn Signal Lights/ Lenses (Condition and operation)

89. Front Doors (Paint finish and quality)

90. Side Mirrors (Paint finish and quality)

91. Roof (Paint finish and quality)

Rear Exterior

92. Windshield Glass (Cracks, chips, pits, and scratches)

93. Windshield Wiper Blade I Arm (Condition and operation)

94. Trunk I Tail Gate I Hatch (Paint finish and quality)

95. Honda Emblems (Condition- missing or damaged)

96. Brake Lights I Lenses (Condition and operation)

97. Tail Lights I Lenses (Condition and operation- moisture)

98. Back-Up Lights I Lenses (Condition and operation)

99. Turn Signal Lights I Lenses (Condition and operation)

100. Emergency Lights I Lenses (Condition and operation)

101. Integrated Bed Lights I Lenses (Condition and operation- Ridgeline)

102. License Plate Brackets I Light (Condition and operation)

103. Emergency Flashers I Reflectors (Condition and operation)

104. Back-Up I Parking Sensors (Condition only- front I rear)

105. Rear Bumper (Paint finish and quality)

106. Rear Fenders I Quarter Panels (Paint finish and quality)

107. Rear I Sliding Doors (Paint finish and quality)

108. Exhaust(s) (Condition -loose or damaged)

109. Fuel Door I Cap (Manual operation, secure cap properly)

Under Hood

110. Hood Support I Prop Rod (Condition- holds hood up)

111. Hood Support Struts (Hold hood up)

112. Engine Compartment (Condition- must be clean)

113. Engine Valve Train (Excessive or abnormal noise)

114. Engine Mounts (Condition- cracks I tears in the rubber)

115. Engine (Condition, operation, fluid level and leaks)

116. Transmission Mount (Condition- bracket, rubber bushing)

117. Transmission (Operation- MT or AT, fluid level and leaks)

118. Clutch Master Cylinder (Operation and leaks)

119. Brake Master Cylinder I Booster (Fluid level and leaks)

120. Brake System (Operation and leaks)

121. 12-Volt Battery (Condition and load test)

122. High Voltage Battery (Diagnostic Trouble Codes- DTCs)

123. Alternator (Belt condition, tension and charge)

124. Water Pump (Noise and leaks)

125. Fuel Injectors (Condition- fuel lines and hoses)

126. Radiator (Leaks and road hazard damage)

127. Coolant Recovery Tank (Condition, fluid level and leaks)

128. Cooling Fan (Operation- run engine until fan turns on)

129. Coolant Hoses (Condition and leaks)

130. A/C Condenser (Corrosion and road hazard damage)

131. A/C Compressor (Proper cycling, belt condition and tension)

132. Power Steering (Belt condition, tension, fluid level and leaks)

133. Electric Power Steering (Operation)

134. Differential Fluid (Check level and leaks)

135. Washer Fluid (Check level and Leaks)

Under Vehicle

136. Brake Calipers (Evidence of binding, loose bolts and leaks)

137. Hydraulic Hose I Line (Cracks, kinks, loose bolts and leaks)

138. Suspension (Loose bolts, bent I broken control arms)

139. Bushings (Evidence of cracks, wear or damage)

140. Universal I CV Joint I Boots I Drive-Shaft (Cracks and leaks)

141. Exhaust System (Leaks, holes, dents, cracks and hangers)

Brakes / Wheels / Tires


142. Brake Pad/Shoe (Replace if wear is >50% of original thickness)

143. Rotor (Replace if wear is >50% of original thickness)

144. Wheel (Check condition, lug nut, torque and vale stem)

145. Tire (Uneven wear, minimum tread depth 5/32nd across tread width, sidewall cracking/cuts, adjust tire pressure)


146. Brake Pad/Shoe (Replace if wear is >50% of original thickness)

147. Rotor (Replace if wear is >50% of original thickness)

148. Wheel (Check condition, lug nut, torque and vale stem)

149. Tire (Uneven wear, minimum tread depth 5/32nd across tread width, sidewall cracking/cuts, adjust tire pressure)


150. Brake Pad/Shoe (Replace if wear is >50% of original thickness)

151. Rotor I Drum (Replace if wear is >50% of original thickness)

152. Wheel (Check lug nut, torque and valve stem)

153. Tire (Uneven wear, minimum tread depth 5/32nd across tread width, sidewall cracking I cuts, adjust tire pressure)


154. Brake Pad/Shoe (Replace if wear is >50% of original thickness)

155. Rotor I Drum (Replace if wear is >50% of original thickness)

156. Wheel (Check lug nut, torque and valve stem)

157. Tire (Uneven wear, minimum tread depth 5/32nd across tread width, sidewall cracking I cuts, adjust tire pressure)

158. Spare Tire I Tool Kit (Check condition and all tools present)

Replacement Items

159. Engine Air Filter (Replace if dirty)

160. Cabin Filter (Replace if dirty)

161. Front Wiper Blades (Must wipe the windshield clean)

162. Rear Wiper Blade (Must wipe the windshield clean)

163. Floor Mats (Install new if missing, stained or damaged)

164. Two Master Keys (Replace if missing or damaged)

165. Two OEM Key Remotes (Replace if missing or damaged)

166. Valet Key (Replace if missing or damaged)

167. Navigation CD (Replace if missing or damaged)

168. RES Remote Control (Replace if missing or damaged)

169. RES Headphone(s) (Replace if missing or damaged)

170. Idle Vibration (Cold and hot)

171. Engine Noise (Cold I hot I high and low speeds)

172. Acceleration (Power)

173. Drivability (Smoothness)

174. MT Clutch (Smoothness, effort and slippage)

175. Transaxle Noise (Cold and hot)

176. Suspension Noise (Performance, frequency and intensity)

177. CV Joint I Drive Ax le Noise (Full lock, turn left I right)

178. Braking System (Noise, vibration and effort)

179. Cruise Control System (Engage, cancel and resume)

180. Tire / Wheel I Steering (Abnormal vibration and stiffness)

181. Vehicle Drift / Pull (Abnormal drift / pull - drive straight)

182. Wind Noise (Abnormal noise- frequency and intensity)

Warranty Coverages-Peace of Mind

Every Honda certified pre-owned vehicle comes with peace of mind because of one of the most extensive used car warranties in the business. It covers major engine and transmission components, except for standard maintenance items, body glass, and interior. Honda will repair or replace any covered part that is defective in material or workmanship under normal use. There is a $0 deductible and the following major systems/components are covered:

Powertrain Coverage

Extends the warranty to seven years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first) from the vehicle's original in-service date.

Non-Powertrain Equipment

Covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first) from the original warranty expiration date or, if the original warranty has expired, from the Honda Certified Used Cars purchase date.

Powertrain Items Covered

  • Engine
  • Drive System
  • Transmission

Non-Powertrain Equipment Items Covered

  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Electrical
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Fuel System
  • Switches
  • Audio Repairs (Honda audio systems only)
  • Sensors

*Body corrosion and some emissions components and seat belts are covered longer. See your vehicle's original warranty information booklets for specific items.

**If the new-car limited warranty has already expired upon delivery, the 12-month/12,000-mile coverage starts on the day you buy or lease the car.