Caring for Your Honda’s Battery

We know every driver wants to avoid the expensive charge of having their car towed or the unexpected panic of having a vehicle that won’t start. One way to avoid each scenario is to make sure your vehicle’s battery is properly cared for. Here at Honda Cars of Bellevue’s service department, we’re ready to help you make sure your battery is in good shape and make sure you avoid unexpected costs and delays.

What causes you to need a new battery?

Batteries aren’t made to last forever. In fact, most batteries will only last three to five years. If your battery is close to the end of its life, regular inspections are a good idea. Aside from an aging battery, things like driving in extreme cold or hot temperatures or leaving your car idling can wear your battery down, causing you to need a new one.

How do I know if I need a new battery?

There are a lot of signs to look for that alert you that your battery may be reaching the end of its life. One is that your check engine light is on. Obviously, this could mean a lot of things, so it’s important to get it checked out. You might also notices that your battery case appears bloated when you look under the hood. Some other signs are a slow engine crank and needing to jumpstart your car often.

How do I get my battery inspected and replaced?

That’s easy! Come see the experts at Honda Cars of Bellevue. Schedule your appointment online to get service at our state-of-the-art facility in Bellevue, NE. Our highly trained staff is committed to keeping your car on the road as long as possible. We’ll help you determine when you need to replace your battery and the right battery for your vehicle and driving habits.

Call 402-734-3330 with any questions today. You can also contact us online or simply stop by our dealership.

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